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    1. Montage Technology Wins Outstanding Supplier Performance Award from Micron

      Date Released:

      Shanghai, Nov. 16, 2023—Montage Technology, a leading data processing and interconnect IC design company, has been honored with the “Outstanding Performance in Assembly and Test Quality Award”, which includes semiconductors and components, from Micron Technology at the Micron Supplier Awards 2023. This marks the second consecutive year that Montage has received this prestigious honor from Micron, a global leader in memory and storage solutions.

      Supplier day

      The Micron Supplier Awards acknowledge supply chain partners who have made remarkable contributions to Micron’s business growth, thereby enhancing collaboration between Micron and its suppliers. Montage received the highest score among all suppliers in Micron’s 2023 fiscal year evaluation for its proactive approach to quality, unwavering commitment to improving technologies, and assisting in Micron’s success.

      When presenting the award to Montage, Hiro Fukuto, Micron’s Corporate Vice President of Global Quality, said, “This is the second year in a row that Montage has won this award, which demonstrates their consistency in quality. These can be achieved only through a strong quality culture and systems. For fiscal year 2023, Montage had excellent quality performance, and proactively engaged with Micron on all our Strategic Suppliers Quality Management programs. Montage has also been very prompt in their support of our technical and quality engineering requirements.”

      “We are honored to receive Micron’s Supplier Award again. This recognition is a significant encouragement and affirmation of our unremitting efforts over the long term,” said Geof Findley, VP of Sales and Business Development at Montage Technology. “We will turn the joy into motivation to keep moving forward and constantly optimize our products and technologies to help our customers achieve greater success!”

      Currently, Montage has been closely collaborating with Micron across DDR4/DDR5 memory interface chips and memory module supporting chips. To learn more about Montage’s products, please click http://www.bubble-bank.com/Memory_Interface.

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