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    1. Jintide? Platform


      Montage Technology's Jintide? server platform encompasses three core products: the Jintide? CPU, the Security & Trust Computing Accelerator, and the Hybrid Security DIMM (HSDIMM?). These innovative products leverage Montage Technology's proprietary technologies: Mont-PrC? security pre-check technology, Mont-TSSE? trust and security system extension architecture and technology, and Mont-ICMT? memory monitoring technology, respectively.

      The three products can be combined to form a comprehensive secure computing solution, establishing the foundation of the Jintide? server platform. This platform integrates chip-level security monitoring, hardware-accelerated encryption and decryption, trust computing, and memory security protection. It plays a critical role in information security, providing a secure and reliable server environment for cloud computing data centers, artificial intelligence, and big data applications. Furthermore, the Jintide? server platform combines the robust performance of x86 architecture with broad ecosystem compatibility, offering users a more efficient and convenient experience.

      In addition to being used together as a suite, these three products can also be configured independently to meet specific customer requirements. The Jintide? CPU and HSDIMM? can function separately as security-enhanced server CPUs and memory modules. The Security & Trust Computing Accelerator serves as a hardware root of trust (HRoT) for various devices, including servers and desktops, ensuring platform security during device startup and operation. Its encryption and decryption acceleration capabilities are applicable to a wide range of commercial cryptographic products.


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      Jintide? Ecosystem and Partners

      Jintide??is a local brand of server CPU with high-performance and mature ecosystem. It supports the world's mainstream server operation systems including RHEL, Windows Server, VMWare ESXi and SLES, etc., and has completed compatibility certification with numerous ecosystem partners on products covering operating system, cloud infrastructure, database and hardware (e.g., SSD, GPU and memory).

      Many domestic server manufacturers have been closely cooperating with Montage to develop a series of servers based on Jintide? CPU. These servers have been widely deployed in many industries including finance, transportation, energy, government affairs and education, enabling the users to seamlessly upgrade and expand their computing resource pools.

      Please click the image below or?www.bubble-bank.com/Jintide_Platform/Jintide_Ecosystem for more details of Jintide? ecosystem partners.


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